We are developing a play-to-earn MMORPG with the stunning capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, using tradeable NFT’s as ingame assets and $ONYX as our native token. Players will be rewarded by their skill as well as their persistence. To begin with we will release the final version of our PvP Arena, which is nearing the end of alpha testing. The arena is a realtime, skilled based, player-vs-player fight to the death with similarities to PvP in World Of Warcaft and will feature different maps. The PvP arena will become a part of the final MMORPG.

$ONYX will be used heavily within the ecosystem for features such as XP gain, item sets, accessing areas, play-to-earn mechanics and much more with lots of plans in the pipeline on how to further implement $ONYX within the game and community.


Almost everything is built from scratch by our amazing team and developers with custom models, environments, spells, music, interfaces, art and game mechanics. The game will be themed around races of warrior Cats struggling for power over eachother throughout a vast and feature-rich world. Players will not be simply rewarded for buying their way to the top and instead need to use their cunning as well as their skill to succeed.
We are the first to do this utilising NFT’s as in-game assets in UE5 and on BSC.


Since we began in November ’21 we have been hard at work every day and continuously involved with the community via video chats and AMA’s. We are incredibly proud of our achievements and we have made leaps and bounds towards our goals. In this short space of time our community has continued to grow and participate with the many events we have held. This includes things like a PC giveaway, drawing contests, twice weekly fun quizzes with large prizes, weekly community duck races with prizes, buy contests and so much more. We have also had our staking pool live for over 4 months, which our early investors have benefitted from with the apr once boasting over 80%. This has now been adjusted to 40% as we approach game release.
In this incredibly short time our amazing developers have completed the 4 class models, animations, spells, interfaces, weapons, armour, music and evironment ready for the first stage of our game, the PvP Arena. This insane amount of work was completed in less than 5 months for testing to begin at the end of March ’22 and we are now almost ready for public release.
Once everything is in place, we will unveil our brand new websites and whitepaper.


The future is bright. Very soon we will open the doors to the public for our final stages of testing and then once we’re happy we can release it indefinitely, including the play-to-earn features. Development will never stop as we grow the game into a MMORPG which continues to be updated over the years and our community will no doubt continue to grow along with it.
It is in our plans to branch out to new chains and we are currently looking at the possibilities of an Ethereum migration.


Blockchain-based game playing increased 2,000% since Q1 of 2021, equating to 52% of all blockchain activity, according to the recent DappRadar x BGA Games report.

Project Onyx:
Contract: 0xbc45EDd4b1D3bC9AA665232055cbdDAE64Ef503e

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