Our Online & Metaverse Casino bezosdoge.io https://t.me/BezosDoge

At Bezos Doge Casino we are Combining memepower with High Utility NFTs that give you the opportunity to Co-Own our Metaverse Casino #BezosSandboxCasino  we are aiming to surpass all the lame doges out there. #BezosDogeCasino #ReferralTrain #MetaVersCasino MetaVerse Casino

Exclusive NFT Collection only 1,000 available https://t.me/BezosDoge

We aim to create high quality NFTs with utility. Our first collection will be focusing on casino but we have many interesting things planned. Stay updated! 

each nft gives the owner .1% ownership of the casino and a share in 70% of the Net profit. Yep


Become a Casino Owner https://t.me/BezosDoge

For every Bezos Doge NFTs you are holding you will receive 0.1% of all casino profits, with proceeds sent directly to the wallets holding Bezos Doge.


Ultra-exclusive NFT club where you co-own a casino in the Metaverse


Refer your friends and earn money. Our built-in referral system is makes sure you get paid for referrals you bring in!

LEADERBOARDS & GIVEAWAYS https://t.me/BezosDoge

Lambo & Amazon Giftcards to the top referrers & generous giveaways to our holders!

$BeDoge Metaverse Casino

Our licensed online casino that will accept $BeDoge to play. Own an Casino NFT and be Co-Owner.

PASSIVE REWARD SYSTEM https://t.me/BezosDoge

Just by holding $BeDoge you are eligible for our rewards system. Payouts are made automatically every 60 minutes.

What is the potential of this token? https://t.me/BezosDoge


By combining the power of memes with real utility and a strong community behind we believe that we have it takes to succeed. Join us and be part of our movement!


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