Cardano Founder Takes a Dig at Solana’s Newly Launched Android Phone

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano (ADA), has poked fun at Solana’s newly launched mobile phone by bringing up the issue of Solana’s network outages. Hoskinson sarcastically tweeted that users might need to locate seven of their friends on Discord to reboot it, implying that the mobile phone may experience performance troubles like that Solana blockchain.

Solana has gone completely or partially down at least seven times since September 2021. A bug in the “durable nonce transactions feature” around the beginning of June caused Solana to experience its most recent and fifth outage of 2022, which made the network cease producing blocks for about four and a half hours. As reported by U.Today, Solana developers have disabled the durable nonce transaction feature to prevent the network from halting if the same situation were to arise again.


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