Coinbase Seeks To Halt The Lawsuits Related To Dogecoins and Scams #togrp7

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform has been dealing with two User Lawsuits filed against them. With the ongoing proceedings, Coinbase had filed a non-frivolous appeal soliciting to send the case in a dormant state for some time. Nevertheless, the court proceedings never stopped. The two User Lawsuits running against Coinbase have been petitioned to be put into arbitration previously too.

Coinbase v. Bielski was filed by a Californian resident Abraham Bielski. Bielski allegedly lost over $31,000 to a scammer who professed to be a PayPal representative and allured him to share his Coinbase account. He accepted that Coinbase assisted him in salvaging the lost funds. But, at the same time, Bielski inculpated Coinbase for violating the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Regulation E. The “Sweepstakes” event purportedly involved Memecoin Dogecoin without the incorporation of the mandatory disclaimers.#TOGRP&

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