Ethereum Merge to Be Executed on Second Major Testnet

Yesterday, June 24, 2022, Ethereum’s All Core Devs Call #141 summarized the results of the seventh “shadow fork” and suggested solutions for node synchronization issues.Ms. Christine Kim, analyst at Galaxy Digital, has taken to Twitter to share a thread on Ethereum’s All Core Devs Call #141 meeting results.

Namely, as a result of issues with Erigon and Hyperledger Besu nodes, over 25% of network participants ended up being dropped from the consensus right after The Merge activation.Also, some issues were identified regarding the “Bonsai Trees” data storage design and Nethermind-Teku client pair. Largely, the issues were not related to The Merge specifications; instead, they highlighted that the participating teams are not ready for the upcoming upgrade. They “update” the network structure “in parallel” to Ethereum (ETH) mainnet and do not affect ETH transfers in a meaningful way.


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