Expert Believes Ethereum Could Skyrocket as ETH 2.0 Gets Closer #togrp7

Ethereum (ETH) reach a new all-time high in the near future? According to the cryptocurrency analyst Crypto Kaleo, if anything has a chance of making it back to the highs from here it’s Ethereum. He said that in a recent tweet with reference to ETH 2.0. It is now a matter of time to see how Ethereum could behave and whether it is possible for this currency to make new highs.

According to the expert, if ETH gets anywhere close to these levels, it might be possible to see once again the flippening narrative on crypto Twitter or among cryptocurrency enthusiasts on social media. Nevertheless, he explains that if we get close to there, we should definitely consider taking profits, as this would likely be the peak of the euphoria. The expert continued with the thread by saying that the higher likelihood scenario is for Ethereum to find resistance at a market.#togrp7

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