FTX Token Trading Volume Shows Ethereum Whales Are Becoming Bullish #togrp7

The Ethereum whales have been bullish on FTX Token for a while. The token had even successfully taken over as the largest holding by dollar value for the top Ethereum whales. However, this would quickly change during the market crash as other better performing tokens had taken over.

Over the last week, interest in the FTX Token has been climbing. This can be attributed to the rise in the price of the digital asset as well as its native crypto exchange, FTX, being in the news for all of the right reasons. This has seen activity from Ethereum whales who have taken to purchasing the digital asset in large volumes. FTX Token has now climbed back to become the third-largest token holding by dollar value. This puts it behind big players such as Shiba Inu and USDC on the list.#togrp7

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