Global Metaverse Carnival-The Biggest Festival for Metaverse Companies in 2022 #togrp7

After the success of the last Asia Metaverse Conference 2022, Metaverse Club received a lot of feedback from the global audience about the need for further learning and socializing with the global Metaverse companies. So the Metaverse Club is organizing the Global Metaverse Carnival, a big festival for global Metaverse companies.

The event venue will be a custom attractive “Christmas Snow house-themed” 3D online event venue with graphics that you’re in a Hollywood anime with the whole audience!The audience can create a unique avatar of their own and walk around the venue to explore the 3D expo area, talk and Q&A with the speakers,exhibitors, investors,and others, join the social networkingplay games together and have a party!In addition to learning at the event, the audiences will get plenty of social and entertainment! All you need is a network and a browser!

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