Hackers Have Drained $1.4 Billion Worth of Crypto Since the Beginning of 2022 #TOGRP7

Attacks on Ronin Bridge, Harmony, and Nomad, among others, have resulted in losses of $1.4 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. According to a study conducted by Chainalysis, wrongdoers have stolen approximately $1.4 billion worth of digital assets between January 2022 and now. Targeting cryptocurrency bridges seems to have been a preferred method.

It is safe to say that the digital asset industry has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Moreover, the bull market in 2021 created a desirable ecosystem for investors and companies. On the flip side, this also attracted bad actors. The blockchain analytics resource – Chainalysis – revealed that hackers have stolen around $1.4 billion in digital currencies since the beginning of the year. Their preferred target seems to be cryptocurrency bridges – a type of software that connects different networks. #TOGRP7

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