Michael Saylor is No Longer the CEO of MicroStrategy #togrp7

Bitcoin-evangelist and billionaire Michael Saylor has stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of MicroStrategy – one of the world’s largest corporate holders of Bitcoin. He will continue to serve the company as executive chairman of the board. The news comes as part of MicroStrategy’s Q2 2022 Financial Results Presentation, which explains that Phong Le.

In a statement, Saylor explained that relinquishing his CEO position will better allow the firm to pursue its objectives of growing its software business, and acquiring more Bitcoin. Le has served as President since July of 2020 and helped lead the implementation of MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin acquisition strategy. “I look forward to leading the organization for the long-term health and growth of our enterprise software and bitcoin acquisition strategies,” he said. MicroStrategy currently holds 129,699 Bitcoin, per Saylor’s latest update on the company’s holdings

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