Singaporean Authorities To Hold Court Cases And Marriages In Metaverse #togrp7

The digital space is creating more impressive output recently in different areas of life, with the introduction of metaverse, more people believe in the possibility of getting the digital form of real-life. The metaverse is gradually making its waves with diverse applications in the virtual space. It’s becoming quite intriguing how you can get the virtual form of several physical items and objects.

The minister laid his ideas on July 20 during a speech at the TechLaw Fest 2022. He maintained that the metaverse could host marriage solemnizations and other personalized events. Also, the law minister mentioned that besides marriage proceedings, other processes take place through the metaverse. This includes online access to different government services. While reacting to legal services in the virtual space, minister Tong stated that such services are possible in the metaverse. #togrp7

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