Solana Suffers Minor Service Outage as Thousands of Wallets Get Drained #togrp7

Solana, one of the key Ethereum competitors, started experiencing a minor service outage, according to its status page.This came after the network suffered a widespread private key compromise.More than 7,000 wallets have been drained of Solana (SOL) and Circle’s USDC Coin (USDC) tokens

Phantom and other hot wallets have been affected by the incident.It is believed that roughly $8 million worth of crypto has been stolen so far as a result of the attack. In a tweet, the Phantom team said that it was working to get to the bottom of the vulnerability, adding that the issue was unlikely to be linked to their wallet. Ledger, a prominent hardware wallet, claims that its Solana node is currently experiencing “issues.”#togrp7

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