Tiffany’s sells out custom Cryptopunk ‘NFTiff’ pendants for $50,000 each #TOGRP7

CryptoPunks was launched in 2017 and consists of 10,000 unique 8-bit-style generated characters stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is “essentially the cave paintings of Web3 art,” said Noah Davis, CryptoPunks’ new brand lead. Each NFTiff, which provides access to a pendant and a matching NFT digital rendering, costs a pretty penny: 30 ETH, or around $50,000. Tiffany sold 250 “NFTiffs,” digital passes which can be minted and redeemed for custom-designed CryptoPunks pendants and a matching NFT art piece, according to their website and Twitter. To buy an NFT, customers had to already own a CryptoPunk of their own.#TOGRP7

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