XRP has dumped more than 10% in the last two days, have the whales begun to sell? #Web3GrandPappa

 Yesterday and today there is high activity near XRP, a large number of transactions with volumes >$100mln were recorded.

 Those who follow the channel paid attention to the fact that among the big purchases of ETh whales in the last two weeks, very often appeared XRP.

 In the last two days, there were more than 130 transactions with volumes >$100 million. And XRP itself fell more than 10% in two days. Its capitalization is down to $16.9 billion.

 Based on IntoTheBlock data, addresses with balances over 20,000,000 XRP hold more than 78% of the coin’s total supply. To put it more simply, the big players and whales now dominate. There are more than 1,000 of them.

 This is the biggest drop in XRP since May 11. Are there any XRP holders among you? #Web3GrandPappa #togrp7 #mimeXmime

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